Holland Innovation House Launched at GITEX 2016

17 okt 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On October 16th, the Holland Innovation House (HiH) was officially launched at one of the largest and most specialised technology events in the world: GITEX 2016 in Dubai.


Security robot SAM3 at GITEX 2016

In collaboration with Deputy-Director of The Hague Security Delta Joris den Bruinen, Edwin Lustig (CEO at Robot Security Systems) and Mary-Jo de Leeuw the was lauch kickstarted with the presentation of the latest security robot: SAM3. Robot Security Systems is one of the participants showcasing their innovations at the Holland Innovation House as part of the program Doing Business in Dubai - Access to International Market. Other participants are: Maxcode, Tymlex, Group 2000, Onegini, RRSM, SOUND, Denars, Cargobox, ComStar and Red Tulip Systems.


Den Bruinen: “Together, within the Holland Innovation House, we show that The Netherlands is the secure digital gateway to Europe. We move towards smart secure cities, secure and open internet and safe daily lives and business environments. Secure the future!" 


Holland Innovation House

The HiH is set up as a Dutch pavilion where the participants show their latest innovations and receive assistance that support their business goals and helps them to set steps into the international (security) market.

This first edition of the Holland Innovation House is powered by InnovationQuarter, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and HSD. The participants also take part in matchmaking opportunities, they will visit the Consul and join a special diner organised by the Chamber of Commerce.


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