Looking for Work Placements for Students Safety & Security Management

28 jan 2014
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The Hague University of Applied Sciences is looking for work placements for their foreign Safety and Security Management Studies students. The third year S&SMS bachelor level students can start per 3 February. Their work placements take 20 weeks, or five months. Students have four days a week available for work.


Safety and Security Management Studies (S&SMS) is a bachelor level full time course at the The Hague University of Applied Sciences. With English as the spoken language it caters for both Dutch and foreign students. The foreign students hail from countries such China, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Oman, the United Kingdom and Germany. All students speak at least two languages. Foreign students will often fulfill positions in public administration in their countries of origin. Others will join international organizations or work in the corporate sector. The University stresses that these students may be of value to businesses in the security domain, given their command of languages, knowledge of their own country and their cultural sensitivity.


For more information please contact:

Michel Kunst  06-22957238 m.l.a.kunst@hhs.nl

Annet Verwest  06-25526372 j.a.verwest@hhs.nl

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