Group-IB joins Dutch Security Cluster HSD

12 okt 2021
Auteur: HSD Foundation

One of the leading providers of solutions dedicated to detecting and preventing cyberattacks, identifying online fraud, investigation of high-tech crimes and intellectual property protection, has joined Dutch security cluster Security Delta (HSD) that promotes security innovation by providing companies with a space for knowledge sharing and collaboration. By becoming HSD’s Premium Partner, Group-IB aims to ensure a more cyber secure space for the Netherlands via expertise and cyber intelligence data sharing, educational initiatives and joint cooperative effort.


The Netherlands has one of the highest broadband coverage rates in the world with over 97% of population having internet access, which puts the country at the leading edge of Europe’s digitalization. In these realms, cyber resilience becomes essential for people and organizations. 


Group-IB has joined the HSD Community since it has been striving to become an active contributor into the local cybersecurity community by sharing strategic and tactical knowledge about adversaries, gathered by Group-IB analysts worldwide, supporting research into local threat landscape and education projects to foster a young generation of the country’s future cybercrime fighters. The added value Group-IB sees being part of the security cluster is the proximity to a wide network of leading security partners, including government organizations, educational institutions, and businesses.


As part of HSD, Group-IB also plans to accelerate its growth and scale up the installations of the company’s products by adapting offering to the needs of local markets, as well as expand its partner network by cooperating with local computer emergency response teams, join trade mission and delegations organized by HSD worldwide.


Sergey Lupanin, Chief Operating Officer, Europe HQ. “Group-IB has been steadily working to strengthen its influence in the cybersecurity industry and the expert cyber threat intelligence community. Our company has always stressed the importance of prompt data sharing among the industry players, highlighting its effectiveness in fighting cybercrime. This has encouraged our partnerships with industry associations, non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations, and law enforcement agencies all around the world.”


“We are pleased that Group-IB has joined Security Delta (HSD). Where today the newspapers are full of topics on ransomware, phishing emails and other forms of cybercrime, Group-IB is performing in the head league to prevent this. They are one of the leading providers in the world detecting and preventing cyberattacks, identifying online fraud, investigation of high-tech crimes and intellectual property protection. This partnership with HSD adds value to the security domain and is a perfect match,” says director Joris den Bruinen.”


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