Market Consultation: Technology Solutions for Healthy & Resilient Cities During COVID-19

06 juni 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The theme of a resilient and healthy city has moved up the agenda because of the outbreak of COVID-19. Dutch and foreign cities are responsible for designing public spaces, (mobility) hubs and other public places in a way that avoids crowds and people can keep a sufficient distance (1.5m) from each other. This creates a demand for smart solutions that provides help. To help municipalities get started and to seize this market opportunity as a technology company, FME starts a market consultation together with various partners.

In collaboration with FME, VNG, CityDeal-Smart City, DigiBuit, NEN and RVO, an inventory is being made among technology companies who have solutions for the issues mentioned before (market consultation). HSD Office supports the Smart City Impact Coalition Safety & Security and also the establishment of this inventory for the 1.5m society. We have provided this initiative with an overview of suitable solutions from the HSD network, including the inventory made by Tech Against Corona.


Market Consultation Event
On 11 and 16 June, FME organises a digital meeting to gain ideas from technology companies. Are you interested to share your knowledge? Register here. If the moments mentioned do not suit you, please contact FME.


After this first consultation, they will also start consulting knowledge institutions to share there expertise.

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