ENLETS EMPACT Security Research Workshop

20 jan 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 15 and 16 December, the ENLETS EMPACT Security Research Workshop “ Technology Cuts Across”, was held at the HSD Campus. This workshop was organised by the European Network for Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS) and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), with support of the European Commission (DG Migration and Home Affairs).

The EMPACT priorities (European Multidisciplinary Platform against Criminal Threats) aims towards the development of operational action plans on countering crime. Important priorities are for example; human trafficking, counterfeit goods, firearms, cybercrime and synthetics drugs.

The purpose of the workshop was explained during the opening; share insights into new technology and innovations, inspire each other and strengthen collaboration on European level. The workshop was preparatory to the annual Security Research Conference of the European Union, which will be held on 1 and 2 June 2016 in The Hague. Results of the workshop are input for research needs and capacity building for technology services on European level. With a so called ‘’dreamcatcher’’,  participants provided the organisers with their research needs and dreams for specific topics.

There were almost one hundred participants, mainly from law enforcement agencies from all over Europe. During the two days, ten workshop sessions were held for example:

-Dark Web monitoring. TNO provided insight into how organized crime makes use of the dark web and what kind of activities take place? But also the technology to detect and monitor illegal activities and how to intervene.
- ENLETS addressed innovations in biometrics, based on her Program in Sharing Best Practices between the member states. How can biometrics in general, and face recognition in particular, be used to combat the EMPACT priorities ? It showed operational experiences and a road map for future needs.
- The Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) showed their latest developments on In situ forensics. Modern forensics are the first steps in the chain of custody and current capabilities were explained and how we can extend and innovate the forensic use for priorities.

Save the date: Security Research Event in The Hague
The SRE is the annual Security Research Conference of the European Commission (DG Migration and Home Affairs) , which will be held on 1 and 2 June 2016 at World Forum in The Hague. The SRE consists of two connected parts:
- The Security Innovation Expo
- The Security Research Conference

Mark your agenda, the programme is under development but more information will follow soon. The SRE will attract 400-500 scientists, private companies, public security providers (i.e. fire departments, police, intelligence agencies, etc.) and policymakers from all over Europe. Innovation, technology development, cooperation between governments, private companies and science (triple helix) and public private cooperation are fundamental to the message of the SRE. A specific topic that will be addressed at the SRE are the connection between space and security by exploring the possibilities of using satellite data for security and creating a structural cooperation between excellent European security clusters.

Preparatory Workshops
In preparation two more preparatory workshops will be held. Each will deliver a position paper which feeds into the main program of the SRE. The workshops are about:
- Financial Investigations. This workshop is geared towards strengthening the European cooperation in the field of financial investigations. New technology and methods on subjects like follow the money, follow the value and seizing property. The workshop will be organised by Belastingdienst/FIOD as participant of ENLETS and be held in Amsterdam on January 20 and 21.
- Capacity building en technology services. Central theme for this workshop will be the further development of the cooperation in technology through the usage of the ENLETS innovation model.

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