DITSS Veiligheidsatelier 2015

24 sept 2015
Auteur: HSD Foundation

After two successful ‘Veiligheidatelier Brabant’-events organised by the Dutch Institute for Technology Safety and Security (DITSS), one of the three core HSD regions, the third edition was launched on September 16th. This year the focus lays on health care issues.

Scientists, researchers, businesses and governments have been requested to find innovative solutions for three current safety and security issues. The first question is about available information of disabled people not living in a special care facility. The second question is about the safety standard being used for safety in health facilities. The third questions is about the management of adequate behavior of disabled people during emergency situations 

In the coming weeks several sessions will be organised to searched for solutions. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate during these sessions. More detailed information will be announced soon on the website of Veiligheidsatelier

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