Deloitte's Hacky Holidays: Mission Accomplished

18 aug 2021
Auteur: HSD Foundation

From 2 until 26 July 2021 Deloitte organised Hacky Holidays - SPACE RACE, an online competition where students and professionals can test and improve their skills with all sorts of challenges (technical puzzles) related to Cyber Security and emerging technologies such as Cloud, Product Security and Identity and Access Management. Contributing to the Access to Talent challenge in the cybersecurity domain. With 31 different challenges, 1400 active participants, 13.400 flags captured, estimated 10.707 hours played and participants from 111 different countries, the competition was succesful. 


In a neck-and-neck race, crews from all over the world attempted to be the first to get to planet Hackazon so they can build a new space village. The race consisted of three phases where players had to (1) design their flag and build their space ship, (2) navigate through space toward planet Hackazon and (3) land on planet Hackazon and build their space village.


Each phase introduced new hacking challenges that players had to solve in order to accomplish the goals of the respective phase. The participants got to test and train their skills on a range of different technologies such as cloud hacking, quantum computing, reverse engineering and abusing weak cryptography. When a challenge was successfully solved, the participant was awarded with a flag, which was worth points on the leaderboard. The space ship of the players grew larger as they progressed through the challenges.


There were two leagues in SPACE RACE, one for students and one for professionals, where the top 3 teams could win a prize. Finally, participants could win a prize for making a creative write-up or video walkthrough of their favourite challenge. Find out who are the winners, here.


 Watch the after-movie to get an impression of the event:


For more information about the SPACE RACE visit or visit the Deloitte Hackazon Page for more information about Hackazon, Deloitte’s platform for gamified learning.