DearBytes Opens Security Operations Center in The Hague

20 mei 2015
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Security specialist and HSD partner DearBytes has, in the presence of deputy mayor van Engelshoven, opened their new Security Operations Centre SOC in The Hague. The reason behind this new SOC is the strong growing request of organisations for professional maintenance of their security solutions, proactive monitoring of the network and 24/7 response during security incidents.


In the Security Operations Centre, a great amount of specialists continuously monitors the security of customers. As soon as something unusual is detected, the specialists decide whether this is indeed malware or an attack. If so, they will immediately take measures to prevent damage as much as possible. This approach also makes sure that the overcharging of IT departments of the customers is kept to a minimum. The SOC of DearBytes distinguishes itself by offering a wide range of services. Included in these services is not only incident response, but also the active maintenance of essential security solutions of organisations, like SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)


‘’We notice that more and more customers are asking for a quicker incident response and continuous monitoring of their network traffic and systems’’ says Erik Remmelzwaal, CEO of DearBytes. With our new Security Operations Centre we can actually offer this 24/7. As location we decided on the Hague because of the excellent attainability for our security specialists. Plus: The Hague is the epic centre in the field of security and many of our partners are settled here, like the National Cyber Security Centre.’’


Deputy Mayor van Engelshoven: ‘’The establishment of DearBytes in The Hague will strengthen our position as cyber security capital of Europe and is next to that a valuable partner within the HSD security cluster.


Erik Remmelzwaal: ‘’We believe in the importance of public-private cooperation in our field of expertise. This is why DearBytes also actively exchanges knowledge with parties like the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and other security service providers like Fox IT, Digital Investigation and SurfRight.  On top of this, DearBytes is partner of the Hague Security Delta, which is specifically initiated to achieve cooperation between parties in the security field’’


Source: Emerce