Cybersecurity and Resilience Represented @Digital CES Kick Off

14 jan 2021
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The first-ever all-digital CES kicked off on Monday 11 January 2021. 93 Dutch tech companies joined the world’s brightest and most forward-thinking innovators on the global innovation stage. Together they explored how to harness the power of technology and collaboration to solve societal challenges worldwide. 

Whether it’s in battling climate change, improving healthcare or building greener cities, technological development and collaboration can help us make great strides to achieve our common goal. 


Also from the cybersecurity and resilience domain Premium partners Pandora Intelligence and X-Systems B.V. and organisations like, Dynaxion Security, OPNT B.V., and DEN were represented during this digital Kick-off. HSD is endorsing partner of this event and has been able to help and make some alignments.NL Tech is ready to change the world for the better, together. The Netherlands was proud to present 93 Dutch tech companies at their virtual NL Pavilion so that all can meet, exchange ideas and foster collaboration. The tech companies presented their latest inventions, spanning every aspect of the tech industry. 

The Netherlands is keen to form new partnerships to co-create pioneering solutions that bring greater economic social and environmental value for everyone. 


Gateway to European innovation

The Netherlands is ranked by Forbes as the 4th best country for business? We are also among the top 5 countries in the Global Innovation Index for most innovative economy. The Netherlands strives to maintain a competitive international business climate. Our government offers attractive incentives to stimulate innovation and encourage sustainable business activities.  


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Photo by: Set Vexy

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