Research IFV: How Security Regions Identify and Prepare for Cyber Risks

09 mrt 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Our society is confronted with new crisis types. The new crises are difficult to identify, are not limited to one specific sector and can escalate rapidly. Security regions sooner or later have to deal with new crisis types, including digital disruption. Commissioned by the Safety Region Board of Directors, the IFV investigated how security regions identify cyber risks and how they prepare themselves for digital risks.


The security regions use the Regional Risk Profile Guide (83%), the Cyber Security Assessment Netherlands (57%) and the National Security Profile (29%) to assess cyber risks. Safety regions consider the most important risks to be:
- failure of vital facilities such as drinking water, energy, IT and telecom
- disruption of one's own crisis organization or assistance

- disruption of Brzo companies with safety and health risks as a result.


Current preparation for digital disruptions
Security regions are already undertaking various activities to prepare for digital disruptions, such as:

- building and maintaining regional / national networks (86%)
- building up cyber knowledge and expertise (81%)
- practice with cyber scenarios (67%).


Additional activities in preparation
The researchers provide some recommendations that contribute to a further preparation for cyber vigilance and follow-up:

- building up expertise in the field of digital disruptions and cyber risks
- involve vital sectors, civil society organizations and Brzo companies in the assessment of cyber risks
- making agreements with partners about alarms, upscaling and mutual coordination in the event of digital disruptions and what parties can expect from each other
- basic scenarios use digital disruption for planning and practice
- participate in (supra) regional cyber exercises.

Develop knowledge and skills
National portfolio holder Digital Disruption and Cyber, Steven van de Looij, has read the report with interest: "The report shows conclusively that cyber risks are a very relevant and topical issue for the security regions. The regions only give themselves a meager enough to prepare for digital risks. The report also indicates that there is still much to be developed in the field of knowledge and expertise in this area."


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Source: IFV

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