Research by EYE: Cyber ​​Products For SMEs Are Often Ineffective

30 okt 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 30 October during the ESET Security Days, EYE presented the results of their research about the effectiveness of various cyber security solutions for SMEs. The need for good solutions is evident from the figures: both the number of attacks with ransomware and the damage resulting from such attacks are increasing rapidly. Here you find the conclusions of their research.


Effectiveness of various solutions

In particular, solutions based on network detection score insufficient. These are so-called "boxes" that you place in your network. For example, it turned out that a widely used network sensor for small and medium-sized businesses recognized only 4% of all phishing domains and was unable to stop ransomware. Traffic to the dark web was also not considered suspicious. “There are big differences between the solutions that are offered,” says Vaisha Bernard, cybersecurity specialist at EYE. “But the problem is that few people understand exactly what such a solution does. As a result, there are all kinds of solutions on the market that look good, but don't actually work at all.”


Outsourcing cybersecurity

Technology that works well, requires specialist knowledge and experience from the user. It is therefore difficult for an entrepreneur to use this technology himself. According to EYE, the best solution for small and medium-sized businesses is in twofold. On the one hand, an entrepreneur can get started with simple, often free security measures, such as enabling two-step authentication for e-mail and setting up password leak alerts. On the other hand, it could be considered to outsource cyber security to a specialized company and to conclude a cyber insurance contract. “There are plenty of solutions that work well and offer good alarms, but you need experts for that. The experts look at the alarms, know when there is a threat and how to act accordingly. Cyber ​​insurance can cover the costs of the specialized company if an incident still occurs, because 100% security does not exist in the digital domain.” Outsourcing this type of expertise will, according to EYE, in time be just as common as hiring bookkeepers, accountants and lawyers.


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