New Open Innovation Platform Brings Innovative Entrepreneurs and Large-Scale Corporates Together

10 juli 2017
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Corporate organisations have a strong network, a large market share, and access to financial means. But they’re also facing challenges. Innovative SMEs are known for their creativity, speed and novel ideas. It seems obvious that the two are the perfect match to generate innovative solutions and new business. To bring innovative entrepreneurs and large-scale corporates directly together, HSD partner 'the Dutch Chamber of Commerce' has launched an open innovation platform called AddVentured.



On the online platform corporate organisations can pitch their challenges. Innovative SMEs can enter straight into a dialogue with the corporates about possible solutions, without having to put all their cards on the table. Ritha van de Ruit, advisor Chamber of Commerce: "Get talking, and who knows, you might find yourself sitting down with one of these corporates to embark on a process of co-creation. See if you have chemistry – if you find that there’s a spark, you could end up in a successful partnership. Perhaps you’ll even establish an entirely new business".


  • A unique online open innovation platform where corporates and SMEs come together
  • Innovative challenges pitched by companies such as Nationale Nederlanden, T-Mobile, PwC, AkzoNobel, Nuon and Zeeland Refinery
  • Generating new business through co-creation, resulting in innovative solutions
  • Access to a strong network, and the opportunity to quickly exchange expertise and experience 


View the challenges now! Click here for more information and direct access to the challenges. Participation is free and is open untill 18 July.


New challenges available in October 2017

On 16 October new challenges will be published on the AddVentured platform from different corporate organisations, and maybe even some public organisations and large SMEs.


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