"Committed partners are essential for results of innovation clusters"

25 nov 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

According to Richard Franken, executive director of The Hague Security Delta (HSD), committed partners are essential for results of innovation clusters: "The huge commitment to contribute to the 'deliveries' of the security cluster is key. This is an essential element in the development and growth of our security cluster.


Since the establishment of HSD in 2012, the cluster has developed rapidly into a leading organisation in the security domain. Meanwhile, about 250 triple helix partners joined the HSD cluster. At the HSD Campus about 50 companies and the Cyber Security Academy and other triple helix organisations took residence. This has been achieved through the participation of committed organisations, both in our programming and in daily practice. The 'founding partners', coordinated by an independent chairman, are part of the management of the HSD cluster and give direction to our strategy.


With our cluster, along with the security and safety clusters in Twente and Brabant, we focus on connecting triple helix organisations active in the security domain, whereby commitment, an open mind and expertise are essential aspects in order to achieve effective cooperation. In this we experience a very positive attitude. But it is difficult to control whether a partnership turns out to be successful. The result depends on the commitment, form of cooperation and the development phase which involved organisations stand for.


The focus of HSD is not only pointed on technological innovations, but also innovate by applying and organising existing techniques (from partners) in various 'user cases', in order to achieve (more) efficiency and return on investment. Examples are the satellite observations, that are now put into practice, or the augmented reality techniques that are now being used for forensic research.


Our core goal is to make information and knowledge of the market accessible, encourage matchmaking and support the search for talent and investment: the 'Access To' Market - Knowledge - Innovation - Capital - Talent.

Along with businesses, governments and knowledge institutions we work together on innovation, knowledge and market development in the fields of cyber security, national and urban security, protection of critical infrastructure and forensics. But innovation is not an end but a means to achieve social and economic impact: we share a common goal to achieve more business activity, more jobs and a secure Netherlands.


Not all the achievements in this field are readily quantifiable, but we have achieved some impressive results together with our partners which are worth mentioning:  

Last February the Policy Research Corporation report of HSD stated that already in The Hague region alone 400 security businesses realise more than 25% of the national turnover in security. Employment in the Hague security cluster increased by 1.2% per year from 13,300 in 2012 to 13,800 persons employed in 2015. Nationwide there was a turnover of 6 billion euros in 2015 in the security domain and it now appears to grow significantly towards 6.6 billion euros.  In the Strategy and Urgency Program of HSD these specific indicators are also mentioned and they are monitored each year . The facts & figures in the infographic on the HSD site also indicates a steady growth on all aspects.


Our partners also benefit from the growth of the security domain and the cluster HSD. For instance EclecticIQ has acquired a contract for a pilot project at NATO NCI and matchmaking appears to be bearing fruit for Compumatica and Group 2000.


The standard overview of results will be adjusted early 2017, with the figures over the year 2016. We expect that the growth will continue".