CBS: 1,2 Million Victims of Cybercrime

18 juli 2019
Auteur: HSD Foundation

8.5% of internet users in the age group of 12 years and older stated that they were a victim of digital crime in in the past twelve months in 2018. This concerns 1,2 million people. Especially young people fell victim. Financial fraud was on top of the list of crime according to the CBS report: Digital Security and Crime.


This new research was conducted as a pilot in collaboration with the police in the fall of 2018. Hundreds and thousands of persons were approached for this research, with at least 38,000 of them participating.


 Read the full article in Dutch here




In June 2019, VPN gids launched their European Cyber Security Index. They analysed 27 EU Member States for different factors, ranging from the number of malicious infections and online banking fraud to the amout of cyber crime legislation. More information.

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