Announcement: HSD joins forces with AutomotiveNL for Automotive Security

10 mei 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Developments in autonomous (unmanned) driving are rapidly evolving. However, security risks endanger new innovative developments in the automotive sector, including autonomous driving, the connected car, smart transportation and fleet management. Vehicle data can, without detection, be manipulated and distributed. There are many opportunities for HSD partners to become involved in a security-by-design approach, integrating security from the start of the automotive innovation process. HSD therefore recently joined forces with AutomotiveNL, the (innovation) cluster representing the interests of the Dutch automotive industry. Aim is to set up crossovers between the security and automotive sector and create economic value.


We would like to invite interested HSD and AutomotiveNL partners to become involved and register for the kick-off session on 19 May from 16.00 – 18.00 hour.


The kick-off session will be the HSD Café on ‘New Opportunities in Automotive Security Solutions’.  Several partners of AutomotiveNL will present the latest developments in their sector and together we will discuss opportunities for cross-overs, strengthening cooperation between the Brabant and The Hague region.


Follow-Up Session

At the end of June/early July a more in-depth follow-up session will be organised by HSD and AutomotiveNL. Interested HSD and AutomotiveNL partners can join to discuss cooperation trajectories. The input from the kick-off session will be used to set up this follow-up session. More information on this session will follow soon.


Please contact Bert Feskens, Programme Officer HSD, at if you have any questions concerning these sessions.

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