Access to International Market: Doing Business in Dubai - GITEX Mission

15 sept 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

11 companies have signed up for the Doing Business in Dubai access to international market program (16-20 October) which is organised by HSD, InnovationQuarter (IQ) and The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA). Within this collaboration the participants will jointly present themselves in the Holland Innovation House which makes its debut at the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai. This new initiative is the first trip of an "Access to International Markets" program in which entrepreneurs from the Safety & (IT) Security sector can jointly present their innovations. HSD partners RedTulip Systems, Group 2000, ComStar, Tymlez, Onegini and Robot Security Systems are among the participants.


The Dubai mission is the first of a three-fold program. The Dubai trip will be evaluated. When proven a success participants can also sign up for:



For more info about the program and/or the costs contact Mary-Jo de Leeuw (senior Project Leader HSD) via


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