Accenture Invests €500,000 in RoboValley to Create New Innovations in Robotics

11 juli 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

HSD partners Accenture and RoboValley have announced a five-year collaboration designed to advance on the development of the next generation of robotic technology.


Accenture will invest €500,000 to facilitate international robotics research and development and knowledge sharing, becoming RoboValley’s Crown Partner. To support Accenture’s Artificial Intelligence business, Accenture and RoboValley will conduct joint robotics research that will establish industry best practices for incorporating robotics into large enterprises, including developing proof-of-concepts and cutting-edge industry use cases. Together they will host innovation workshops for clients to explore new opportunities to use robotics to augment their current workforce and create new opportunities to grow their businesses. “Developments in the area of robotics are moving ultra-fast,” said Frank Rennings, managing director and Technology lead at Accenture Netherlands. “Organisations are recognising its importance in driving us into the fourth industrial revolution and are increasingly leveraging the technology to make business operations more efficient and to enhance customer service. We strongly believe in the concept of RoboValley, with research, entrepreneurs and start-ups all in one place, as part of our commitment to open innovation. Our collaboration will help us speed innovation and bring new applications to market faster. In addition, we can now take our clients to RoboValley, so that they can experience for themselves the latest developments and, above all, be inspired by them.”


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