2nd Open Call SecurIT – Registration Still Open Until 14 March

08 mrt 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On January 10, the 2nd open call of the SecurIT program was launched. Up until March 14, consortia of 2 or more SMEs can submit their project and receive funding, international attention, and networking opportunities.


The SecurIT Project

The SecurIT project is part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. The main objectives of the project are to support SMEs that are active in digital innovations in the field of security, to co-finance and support the development of collaborative projects, and to promote cross-border collaboration. The project is designed to build international cooperation between European SMEs to stimulate innovation of security solutions throughout Europe.


There are different requirements to submit a project. First, projects must be submitted by a consortium of at least 2 SMEs, preferably SMEs from different European countries. Second, the project must fall within one of the following domains:

  • Sensitive Infrastructure Protection (Cybersecurity, Operations, Identification and access control, zone security and perimeter protection)
  • Disaster Resilience (Before crisis: Risk knowledge and evaluation, During crisis: Communication and warning systems, After crisis: Post event analysis and recovery)
  • Public Spaces Protection – Major Events (Detection and alert, Analysis, Command & Control and decision-making support, Data protection and cybersecurity/cybercrime)

Third, the project must reach either a prototype level or a demonstrator level at the end of the SecurIT project. A prototype is the first finished version of the product, a demonstrator is the final version of the product, which is ready to be launched.


The main benefits for SMEs are:


  • Receiving up to € 88K funding with relatively few administrative requirements compared to other EU projects.
  • Attracting international attention, by being featured in communications across European clusters and joining the catalogue of European cybersecurity solutions.
  • Building their network by cooperating with international peers.


Example - ShowID

An interesting example of a project that was accepted during the 1st open call is ShowID. This project is carried out by a consortium of 2 SMEs, the Dutch company JanusID and the Swedish company Covr Security AB. These companies are developing a highly secure, adaptable and very easy to use authorisation system. By using ID verification, biometry, liveness detection, cryptography and electronic ticketing, their universal company badge enables instant visitor authorization at controlled facilities.