Rijnland First Dutch Water Board with Cybersecurity Certification

18 apr 2020
Auteur: HSD Foundation

As the first Water Board ('Hoogheemraadschap') in the Netherlands, Water Board Rijnland had a number of operational systems certified in accordance with IEC 62443, the international standard for cyber security within operational technology. For Rijnland, this is a step towards making process automation for water purification and water transport more robust and digitally resilient.
Hudson Cybertec
Rijnland has been assisted by Hudson Cybertec. Both organisations have been working together for some time. For example, Hudson Cybertec conducted assessments and helped Rijnland write various policy plans and process descriptions.


Marcel Jutte of Hudson Cybertec: "The certification of Rijnland is an important milestone for all involved and we are very pleased with the achieved result."

TÜV Netherlands
In order to independently test whether Rijnland complies with the IEC 62443, Rijnland has asked TÜV Nederland to carry out the Certification process. Therefore, TÜV Netherlands conducted an audit at the end of February, which is aiming to  assess whether Rijnland complied with the requirements within IEC 62443 part 3-3 (Requirements for system security and security level). 


Vincent Schijven, TÜV Nederland: “Rijnland has demonstrated that it complies with the standard, which means that TÜV can issue the corresponding IEC Certificate.”

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