11 New Partners Introduced to HSD Community

04 feb 2019
Auteur: HSD Foundation

In Q4 (2018) and at the beginning of 2019 11 new partners have joined HSD. On Monday 4 February 2019 organisations TEPCO IEC, InformationDevelopment, Scalys, NewGen, LinkIT, Profit4SF, AccessHub, ROC Mondriaan School for IT, P-X Systems and Magnet Forensics were officially welcomed to the HSD community during the weekly HSD Campus lunch. Also Premium Partners AIG and ReaQta who already had joined HSD were now welcomed officially. During the last partner introduction, they weren´t able to take part at the event. With the diverse expertise, these new partners add a wide range of extra knowledge to the Dutch security cluster.


The new partners were invited to pitch themselves to the community. During their pitches, the new partners briefly introduced their organisation and talked about the added value for them to join HSD. 


Joris de Bruinen: "I'm pleased to see the community still keeps on growing and that a diversity of organisations finds their way to the HSD Community to participate in our ecosystem. This new year starts very good with new increase of extra knowledge where we can collaborate together. The importance of collaboration in this community for a more secure society is noticed. This leads to more focus for future security talent and more business activity."


Read the article on why TEPCO IEC joins the HSD Community!

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