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NewGen Payments was founded by a team of ex-GlobalCollect executives in 2015 with offices in Amsterdam and Delhi. The company offers Fintech solutions for PSPs, acquirers, financial institutions and ecommerce merchants. NewGen takes a business-partner approach in helping merchants optimize their ecommerce stores and take their payments technology to the next level by boosting sales with dynamic payment gateway features, smart analytics, best-in-class risk analysis, and conversion optimization features.


NewGen uses a non-deterministic mathematical model to rank all the applicable acquirers for the given transaction using a slew of information including platform health and performance, historic track record, etc. The portal enables merchants to configure payment routing rules based on multiple parameters including currency, country, Credit Card BINs, etc. The transaction flow and volume can also be capped within a given time period per acquirer.


NewGen’s Customer Identity Graph is also building a cohesive interconnected graph of customer accounts, details and devices. Analogous to a graph database, NewGen’s Identity Graph implements Graph Theory with the aim of consolidating customer behavior across various channels, devices and touchpoints.


The company offers three-tiered security layers to protect against any unwanted activity or usage to make sure only completely legitimate calls go through. Our technology helps in detecting fraudulent transactions in real time without any impact to customer experience. Our unique solution includes machine learning classification engine, which makes instantaneous decisions based on intuitive machine learning algorithms, predictive analytics and business rules algorithms, unique and accurate device fingerprinting, internet vpn/proxy detection, transaction velocity rules, and IP based Geofencing and much more.


Newgen offers BoostSales, a unique, fully-managed service that empowers E-Commerce merchants to optimize their webstores and brand to dramatically boost conversions & online sales – at a much lower cost and time investment.

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Chief Executive Officer
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