Self-Employed Professionals from The Hague Informed About Becoming More Cyber Resilient

17 mei 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Entrepreneurs come across many different subjects such as administration, retirement, and insurance. During the network meeting 'Profitable entrepreneurship for self-employed professionals in The Hague' last night in Leidschenveen, not only these topics were discussed but Security Delta (HSD) also informed entrepreneurs about making their business more cyber resilient. As part of our 'Cyber Kracht' programme.


Cybercrime among SMEs

Because an increasingly digitising world not only offers opportunities but holds risks for entrepreneurs too. Hackers are shifting their attention to smaller companies. Anne Visser (Programme Coordinator Cyber ​​Security and Resilience) spoke on this topic during a panel discussion and provided practical tips how to make the first steps to secure your business.


An important topic, also for small organisation, because hackers scour the internet to lure easy victims into phishing or malware traps because hacking into larger companies requires more effort. Big companies are becoming more aware of cyber risks and therefore spend more money on cybersecurity. Nowadays approximately 75% of small and medium-sized businesses have experienced cybercrime, compared to 45% last year (ABN-AMRO).


SME network meeting

Organised by BNI Den Haag and Ondernemersportaal Den Haag, the network meetings are meant for entrepreneurs who want to connect with peers while learning about responsible and future-proof entrepreneurship. The next meeting is scheduled on the 31 May, and HSD will then also be part of the paneldiscussion about cybersecurity. Interessted to join? Register here:


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Want to know more about making your organisation more secure? Visit:













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