Update PIB Cybersecurity Germany: a Collaborative Leap Towards an International Market

05 sept 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The Partners for International Business (PIB) initiative focused on cybersecurity in Germany is a dynamic collaboration between Dutch public and private organisations. The objective of this three-year programme is to collaboratively enter the German market and establish partnerships aimed at enhancing cybersecurity standards in both Germany and the Netherlands. The PIB programme commenced in September 2022 and has already generated numerous prospects for the organisations involved.


This strategic partnership leverages the collective knowledge and expertise of the Dutch cybersecurity sector based in the Netherlands. Working hand in hand with German business counterparts, the PIB partners aim to fortify Germany's cyber resilience and cultivate strong and lasting ties with key German business leaders, bolstering their cybersecurity strategies. Additionally, the initiative aims to ensure alignment with both national and European regulations concerning IT and OT security (such as NIS2 and CRA) and data protection (including GDPR).


Uniting expertise and commitment

This powerful coalition consists of forward-thinking Dutch cybersecurity firms: Compumatica, EclecticIQ, Guardian360, Hudson Cybertec, Secquard, SecuMailer, SonicBee, Ubiqu, and Zynyo. The cluster embodies a wealth of expertise and experience, which holds significant importance for Germany. These companies represent a diverse and broad spectrum of (cyber)security expertise, ranging from secure emailing, identity and access management, and information security, to threat intelligence, encryption, network security, and IACS security. Importantly, the cluster's companies are already actively engaged in the German market, collaborating with local partners and even establishing a presence in Germany. This on-the-ground involvement showcases their commitment to contributing to cybersecurity advancements within Germany. Discover how this collaboration is shaping the future of cybersecurity.


PIB Gatherings in South-Germany

Since September 2022, a series of activities have taken place. The PIB partners engaged in a trade mission to South-Germany, encompassing visits to Intel Ignite, the Dutch Consulate-General's residency in Munich, and IT-SA 2022 in Nuremberg – Europe's premier trade fair for IT security. Furthermore, an interesting knowledge and networking event unfolded in the baroque Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich. Here, cybersecurity leaders from the Netherlands and Germany convened to strenghten collaborative efforts in the field and exchange invaluable insights.


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The latter half of 2023 in South-Germany promises three prominent gatherings, meticulously designed to strengthen ties between Dutch and German cybersecurity players and forge partnerships that transcend borders: a visit to Business Metropole Ruhr (Essen) and attendance at G DATA & IONIS Tech Day 2023 in September, a visit to it-sa in October, and a cybersecurity event in Southern Germany co-organised with partners mentioned in the same paragraph in November.


Collaborations with esteemed organisations such as DNHK, Sicherheitsnetzwerk München, PWC, and Rabobank underscore the commitment to facilitating meaningful connections. Reflecting on the success of previous events, which propelled engagement and knowledge-sharing to new heights, the upcoming PIB events hold the promise of further enriching the business landscape through the exchange of ideas, expertise, and opportunities. 


A strong bond: history, trust, and global aspirations

Advancing the global cybersecurity agenda hand in hand, both Germany and the Netherlands have placed cybersecurity at the forefront of their strategic agendas for the upcoming years. The rapid evolution of digitalisation, coupled with the imperative to safeguard smart industries on a global scale, underscores the urgency of collectively advancing cybersecurity solutions that stand the test of time.

This strong bond is rooted in history, trust, and global aspirations. Germany and the Netherlands boast a longstanding history of diplomatic and economic rapport. Within the European framework, the partnership thrives on mutual trust-building. Globally, our companies share a unified goal of protecting our assets. Fueled by seamless cooperation and stability across multiple dimensions, this alliance embarks on a journey of long-term cybersecurity strategy development.


Meet the PIB companies in action

Dive into the dynamic world of cybersecurity with our participating PIB Germany companies: Compumatica, EclecticIQ, Guardian360, Hudson Cybertec, Secquard, SecuMailer, SonicBee, Ubiqu, and Zynyo. Explore their individual perspectives and innovative approaches to fortifying digital defenses. Watch their videos to gain insights into their transformative solutions and contributions to shaping a more secure digital landscape.

Empowering Dutch cybersecurity expansion

Meet Erik Jan Hengstmengel, the driving force behind the Partners for International Business (PIB) Cybersecurity Germany initiative. As the liaison, he strategically positions Dutch cybersecurity companies in southern Germany, fostering collaborations, and strengthening ties. Erik Jan's rich experience in IT leadership and profound understanding of cybersecurity fuels the success of Dutch businesses entering this dynamic market. Erik Jan welcomes collaboration and inquiries from local stakeholders interested in the PIB programme. His commitment to mentoring companies like Compumatica, EclecticIQ, Guardian360, Hudson Cybertec, Secquard, SecuMailer, SonicBee, Ubiqu, and Zynyo is instrumental in shaping the cybersecurity landscape. For those navigating this dynamic field, Erik Jan Hengstmengel is your trusted ally in forging successful partnerships. Are you interested in the PIB programme? Contact Erik Jan via erikjan@hengstmengel.eu.

Facilitating cybersecurity collaboration: HSD and InnovationQuarter

Partners for International Business is an initiative of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO) commissioned by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Driving the PIB initiative forward are Security Delta (HSD) and InnovationQuarter. Their combined efforts bolster the progress of this initiative, propelling it towards its goal of enhancing Germany's cybersecurity landscape. Their involvement signifies a strategic commitment to facilitating meaningful connections and fostering innovations that transcend boundaries. As partners in this endeavor, HSD and InnovationQuarter play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this collaboration.


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