World Startup Factory Impact Accelerator #3 Demo Day

29 maart 2018
13:00u - 19:00u
KPN Head office, Maanplein 55 2516 CK The Hague
World Startup Factory

Do you look to do a pilot, be a launching customer, a client, an investor, or join the startup team? Are you ready to see what the startups from World Startup Factory Impact Accelerator #3 have achieved since joining the program in November, and what are their goals for the next 12 months? It is an exclusive event, so please provide a motivation for participating when you reserve a seat!

World Startup Factory Impact Impact Accelerator Demo Day features Startup Breakout Sessions, presentations and Investor Lounge, where together with multiple partners we share the insights on what fuels startup growth. And at the end of the day, we invite you to Growth Drinks!

Tentative Programme:

13:00 - Walk in
13:30 - Welcome by World Startup Factory & KPN
13:45 - Startup Presentations
14:00 Interview with KPN & World Startup Factory Startups
14:15 - Startup Presentations
2 Tracks:
14:45 - 15:30 Round 1: Startup Breakout Sessions
14:45 - 15:45 Round 1: Investor Lounge
2 Tracks:
16:00 - 16:45 Round 2: Startup Breakout Sessions
16:00 - 17:00 Round 2: Investor Lounge
17:15 Interview Panel - TBC
17:45 Closing Notes by World Startup Factory and KPN
18:00 Networking Drinks

Startup Breakout Sessions

Blockchain For Sustainable Supply Chain – led by Qlikchain
Can Fashion, Travel And The Circular Economy Work Together To Create A Perfect Blend? – led by Gibbon
Why Are Our Cities Today Not Better Designed? – led by ModelMe3D
Even If You Are Deaf, People Will Hear You Talk – led by Evalk
A Smart Service Intended To Maximize Safeness And Minimize Violence In A City/Area – led by MuniSafe
The Future Of Wellbeing - led by ELCIES
Innovating Unhealthy Food – led by OrganicLove
Using Blockchain For Regulatory And Compliance Requirements – led by Decibel.LIVE
The Future Of 3D In The Medical Industry – led by QdepQ
Waterless Bathing: The Path To Global Hygiene And Water Conservation – led by Clensta
Rethinking The Parking Experience – led by YazamTech
Contribute To Cleaner And Safer City – led by MyCleanCity

More details are coming. We will keep you posted!

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