WIFS 2019 - Demo and Work-in-Progress session

09 december 2019
Delft University of Technology

The Demo and Work-in-Progress session at WIFS 2019 is open to the researchers in academia and the industrial exhibitors. In keeping with the spirit of the meeting, submissions with an emphasis on forensics and security related applications are especially encouraged.


Prospective authors are invited to submit a two-page description of demo and work in progress, formatted according to the same guidelines as the regular paper, to the WIFS 2019 Organizing Committee. Please email the manuscript to wifs2019@tudelft.nl, with the subject "WIFS 2019 Demo submission" or "WIFS 2019 work-in-progress submission".


Although only two-page description is expected, the submissions can have up to 6 pages. Accepted papers will be presented as posters. Each such accepted paper must be separately registered at non-student rate during the regular registration period and within one week of the decision deadline. Authors of accepted papers will be expected to present and discuss their submissions during the workshop. Please note that authors of papers in the work-in-progress track will be free to submit their completed work to other venues as these papers will not be archived and as such there will be no self-plagiarism issues.

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