The KVK Business Challenge: Online Dispute Prevention

03 november 2019
Chamber of Commerce Enterprise Europe Network

How can DAS prevent and limit legal problems for consumers and entrepreneurs with

easy-to-use digital tooling?


Why is this a challenge?

•Juridification of society through increasingly complex regulations. The challenge is to make and keep it simple and accessible by means of tooling;
•Our customer journeys shows that consumers and entrepreneurs mostly take legal action only after the problem has escalated or emotions have ran very high. How can we help people to limit and prevent such conflicts?

•Think broadly about conflicts and issues in relation to this challenge:
   ◦For consumers how can DAS stand between the people in the neighborhoods with tools and advice that         prevent conflicts between neighbors?

   ◦For entrepreneurs: How can DAS limit or prevent problems with service providers and

•Customers demand 24/7 personal and digital solutions, as soon as an issue becomes imminent or relevant to them. We want to be there for our customers at that exact moment or – even better – before the issue arises;
•Consumers and entrepreneurs look more and more online for legal information and often try and resolve issues on their own;
•We are specifically looking for parties who have a (technological) solution with a proven track- record in other fields of industry or services and that can add value and relevance to the services we provide for our customers;
•Preventing and limiting conflicts is always better than having to solve them :-)


Where do you fit in?

Access to legal aid is an important feature of a just society. Our services play an important role in society. After all, the need for affordable and high-quality legal aid will always exist. At DAS, we consider it important to make an active contribution to society. So make sure to work together with market leader DAS on legal assistance to change the market as a partner or launching customer and help people to prevent and limit conflicts.


What's in it for you?

•Building a better society by preventing and solving conflicts between people

•Working together to keep legal services accessible and affordable for everyone

•We provide access to our network and expertise to find growth channels

•Experimenting together

•Developing together


Which disciplines do we need?

•Software development
•Tech & design
•Social knowledge
•Big data analytics
•Creative thinking / service design


KVK Business Challenge Edition 9

•KVK Business Challenge is the platform for cooperation, open innovation and the kickstart of innovations between Corporates and SMEs
•Corporates pitch their innovation challenges on the platform
•SMEs share their ideas in an open discussion chatline, with each other and the corporate

•After 4 weeks the challenge will be closed (November 3rd) and matches are made for further cooperation


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