The KVK Business Challenge: Information-architecture for Cold Cases

03 november 2019
Chamber of Commerce Enterprise Europe Network

How can the Dutch National Police share research data on cold cases in a confidential manner so that citizens and businesses can think along in solving these serious cases?


Why is this a challenge?

Investigative capacity is scarce. On a daily basis, the National Police have to consider whether extra efforts should be made to try to solve new cases or to keep investigating old or Cold Cases.
The impact of unsolved cases on society is considerable. There is a great deal of willingness on the part of citizens and the business community to contribute to solving these crimes.


However, the police encounter two problems when sharing investigation data:
•The privacy of suspects and witnesses must be taken into account.
•Certain knowledge of the facts must remain secret to prevent harming the investigations. The Dutch National Police is looking for extra capacity by calling on the help of citizens and businesses, without violating the confidentiality of the research data.


Where do you fit in?

The Dutch National Police is looking for a new information architecture that avoids the above problems. An architecture that offers citizens and businesses the opportunity to analyse data and help out by thinking about possible alternative scenarios. Additionally, the National Police is looking for new technology that could be applied in these cases.


What is in it for you?

•An assignment to realize a prototype or pilot
•Support and test environment
•Possible opportunity for a follow-up order, a scaling up or a lasting cooperation.
•Interesting network of partners, which can also be used to spread your concept further if it is demonstrably effective.


Which disciplines do we need?

•IT specialists

•Creative thinkers

•Data analysts
•Data Scientists
•Data protection / legal


KVK Business Challenge Edition 9

•KVK Business Challenge is the platform for cooperation, open innovation and the kickstart of innovations between Corporates and SMEs

•Corporates pitch their innovation challenges on the platform
•SMEs share their ideas in an open discussion chatline, with each other and the corporate

•After 4 weeks the challenge will be closed (November 3rd) and matches are made for further cooperation


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