The Hague Summit for Accountability in the Digital Age

06 november 2019 - 07 november 2019
Peace Palace The Hague
Institute for Accountability in the Digital Age - I4ADA

The Hague Summit will focus on safeguarding the role of the internet as a tool for personal, professional, and social engagement. I4ADA is taking concrete steps to increase access to knowledge, evidence-based trust and measures to foster accountability. The goals are to facilitate transparency, a common understanding, and thus to promote a maximum sustainable net benefit for people and societies worldwide. 


The Hague Summit will be a 2-day conference bringing together a global multi-stakeholder community from national and local governments, international policymakers, civil society, NGOs, the ICT industry and platforms, as well as other relevant Organizations and institutes. The delegates’ conclusions and recommendations will contribute to shaping a global path towards a responsible policy. Together our aim is to foster accountability in and for the digital age.

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