Meetup Startup in Residence 2nd Edition: New Challenges Waiting For You!

25 oktober 2018
16:00u - 18:00u
Humanity Hub, 58 Fluwelen Burgwal, 2511 CJ Den Haag
The Ministry of Justice and Security

After a successful first edition, the Ministry of Justice and Security is organising a new edition of its Startup in Residence Programme. Startups can register for eleven, very varied, societal challenges. The ministry is looking for innovative solutions in the field of, among other things, criminal investigation, crime prevention, child abuse online, data and young people.


The Startup in Residence programme is an innovative co-working programme which challenges startups to find solutions to societal issues. A maximum of three startups per challenge get the chance to present their idea to a jury. The winners (one per challenge) will be invited to enter the Startup in Residence programme. They will, furthermore, be provided with development budget and a customized training and guidance programme.  After five months of intensive collaboration between startup and the Ministry of Justice and Security, the programme will end with a Demo Day. On this festive day the startups will present a working MVP/prototype to the challenge owners, potential buyers and the Justice and Security network.



Check for an extensive description of all our challenges, follow this link.


Does your startup have the solution for one or more challenges? You can register until November, 8th 2018 via aforementioned link. 


For questions about the programme etc,. please send an e-mail to:


Meetup October 25th


Do you rather ask your question in person? On October, 25th the Ministry of Justice and Security is hosting a meetup at the “Humanity Hub” in The Hague. On this occasion the challenges will be explained in more detail.  You can register via aforementioned link. 


These are our challenges:


  • Speeding-up financial compensations: Develop a tool which helps us to speed-up  the process assigning financial compensations to victims after a robbery.


  • From jail to job!: How can we enhance the chance for ex-prisoners to find a durable paid job after jail time?


  • Stop child abuse online!: We are looking for innovative ideas to prevent uploading and distributing child pornographic material and to stop communication online with minors about sex.


  • Follow the Money: crowdsourcing: How do we get citizens to participate in the data-driven approach of undermining crime? We are looking for possibilities to build a bridge between our data-analyses and the Wisdom of the Crowd.


  • Follow the Money: data Data-driven investigation can largely contribute in seizing criminally obtained money. Which data can contribute to make criminal capital visible?  And how do we apply this data?


  • Innovation in consultation: We are looking for ways to renew and innovate consultation of those involved in the legislation process What innovations can be realised to give a new impulse to the legislation process?


  • Filter non-disclosable information out of the bulk: Show us a way to effectively filter non-disclosable information (e.g. lawyer-client communication), without investigators wrongly taking note of it.


  • Victim of cybercrime? What to do?: We are looking for innovative ideas which offer practical support to citizens after having become the victim of cybercrime. 


  • Legal assistance up-to-date: Many non-legal problems often end-up at a lawyer’s desk.  We are looking for a tool which provides insight in solving real problems, including the legal ones.


  • Communication between young people; dealing with diversity: There are some youngsters in the Netherlands who are looking for alternative ways- for e.g. through social media- to obtain “justice” when they feel that they have been treated unfairly. We are looking for a tool that reduces social and polarization and enhances communication between young people , about societal values.


  • Diversity of Thought at the Ministry of Justice and Security: Inclusion in the working culture is an important theme at the Ministry of Justice and Security.  How does inclusive behaviour look like? Think of a way to give diversity of thought a place and make sure that it becomes embraced within the organisation.  

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