Kick-Off Startup in Residence Ministry of Justice and Security

14 december 2017
11:00u - 13:00u

Which startup receives a jump start? Which startup develops a new way of preventing house break-ins? Or comes up with a new solution to structure the lives of ex-convicts? And which startup can make the life story of a suspect visual for a judge? The Startup in Residence programme is a collaboration between Startups and the Minstry of Justice and Security on innovative solutions to social problems.


The selected startups that applied before 13 October, are pitching their innovative idea to the Minstry of Justice and Security during this Kick-Off. 


The Startup in Recidence is an innovative programme where the government is working together with startups. The government provide startups with social questions in the areas of detention and protection.


The kick-off is invitation-only. Contact Peter Elias for more information.

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