Info Session Cyber Mission Sweden

11 april 2023
14:00u - 15:00u
InnovationQuarter, Security Delta (HSD), dcypher and the local representation of the Dutch Embassy in Sweden

Join the information session on 11 April about the upcoming cyber mission to Sweden organised by InnovationQuarter, Security Delta (HSD), dcypher and the local representation of the Dutch Embassy in Sweden,


This cyber mission consists of 2 tracks:

  • An innovation mission from May 30-31 to Stockholm, Zweden and from 1-2 June to Talinn, Estonia (CyCon 2023). Primary target audience: CISOs and policy makers.
  • trade mission*/** from 31 May - 1 June to Stockholm and Linköping, Sweden (Linköping Science Park). Primary target audience: companies. 


During the information session, more information will be shared about both programmes and needs and expectations will be gathered. Registration for the cyber mission will be open from 11-21 April.


Registration information session

Please register for the info session by sending an email to 



Sweden (and the Nordics as a whole) are an often-overlooked market with a lot of business opportunities! The country has recently upped its cybersecurity efforts as a region-wide initiative to focus more on digital protection. For this reason, the market is now taking off and is posing a lot of opportunities for companies with demonstrated expertise at home.

Sweden is an interesting gateway to the larger Nordic region. Existing ties between the Nordics and the Netherlands make that business collaborations are fostered.


*Please note that those who sign up first will likely be able to sign up for 1-on-1 business matchmaking with 1 or 2 relevant contacts (maximum of 10 companies).

** Depending on your solution, you can also register for the IndX Pitch Day for the Husqvarna Group on Friday, June 2nd.


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