EuroCTF 2020

11 december 2020
14:00u - 18:00u
Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton is excited to introduce its cyber consulting capabilities to the European market and host its first Virtual Capture the Flag (CTF) event dedicated to our friends in the EU!

This interactive event will provide fun, hands-on challenges in areas such as open-source intelligence gathering (OSINT), forensics, web exploitation, scripting, and reverse engineering. Our cyber experts have developed a custom set of challenges that suit any skill level and our simultaneous live chats and video presentations will provide interesting content to keep everyone entertained. All of this is made possible by Booz Allen's very own custom CTF platform, Kaizen! To learn more about the Kaizen platform itself please go to

Although not designed to be intensely competitive, our platform will track your progress as you capture the challenge flags and a leaderboard and dynamic leader podium will be available to see who's leading the pack. This CTF will be an individual event only, please stay tuned for future team based events.

Come test your information security knowledge in a fun relaxed environment, and enjoy hands-on learning with various interactive challenges.


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