Cyber Mission Sweden

31 mei 2023 - 01 juni 2023
InnovationQuarter, RVO, Dutch Embassy in Sweden, dcypher, Security Delta (HSD)

Sweden (and the Nordics as a whole) are an often overlooked market with many business opportunities! The country has recently upped its cyber security efforts as a region-wide initiative to focus more on digital protection. For this reason, the market is now taking off and presents lots of opportunities for international companies with demonstrated expertise in cyber security. Read more about Sweden’s cyber security market here.


Sweden is the gateway to the Nordic cyber security market. The existing links between Scandinavia and the Netherlands, between governments, knowledge institutions and companies, pave the way for further business collaborations.


InnovationQuarter, Security Delta (HSD), and the Dutch Embassy in Sweden are once again organising a Cyber Mission to Sweden:

May 31 – June 1 to Stockholm and Linköping, Sweden (Linköping Science Park). Primary target audience: cyber security companies.


Click the 'more info' button for the full programme, or read the mission booklet pdfhere.


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