Automated Security Operations

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TNO, Ministry EZK & HSD Office

Security Operation Centers (SOC) are critical to detecting cyber attacks and are at the core of most cyber security strategies. However, the number of cyber attacks is increasing, personnel are scarce, and cyber attacks are increasingly automated. These factors call for an upgrade of existing SOC platforms. A key solution to this is to automate security operations. Automating cybersecurity and SOCs aims to contribute to secure cybersecurity operations within companies and, on the other hand, to ensure greater cost-effectiveness and labor efficiency.


In 2020, the Automated Security Operations (ASOP) consortium was established by TNO with the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change (EZK). In a public-private partnership, this consortium aims to develop an automated security platform that will enable organisations to detect and respond to cyber-attacks more quickly and automatically. This should make it easier for the entire chain of end users, system integrators and developers to proactively and reactively repel complex cyber attacks.


Several providers of security solutions and value added services (f.i. KPN, VMWare, Cisco and Infradata) have shown interest for the planned innovations of this automated security platform. Both Cyberveilig Nederland (CVNL) and the HSD Office are involved to expand this consortium with specialised solution providers, who can improve their products and services based on the innovations of the automated security solutions.









TNO automation security model


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