Mario Strefler

Karlsruhe, one of the top ICT hubs in Europe, has a high concentration of companies and research institutions with strong IT security aspects. In the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion, more than 4,200 IT companies employ over 30,000 people.


Future energy systems, smart mobility and industry 4.0 are key competences in academic and industrial research in Karlsruhe. This is evidenced by the existence of several multi million Euro research infrastructures:

  • Energy lab 2.0

  • Test centre for connected and automated driving

  • IT security lab for industrial production

In the IT security region Karlsruhe, local actors collaborate closely in order to provide SMEs with access to innovations and services across the full spectrum of IT security and related topics. Its main academic research institutions in IT security are united in the competence centre of applied security technology (KASTEL). The secUnity consortium works to connect academic and industrial IT security players across Germany. The coordination office for these networks is located in the KIT.


The institutions in the IT security region Karlsruhe focus on:

  • Connecting academic research, applied research and practitioners in IT security

  • Raising awareness on IT security issues in corporations and citizens

  • Connecting SMEs and supporting them in their IT security needs

  • Providing policy makers with feedback and advice