TIIN Capital Premium Partner to Boost Security Companies

06 mrt 2019
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Beginning of 2019 TIIN Capital joined the HSD Community as Premium Partner. This partnership follows after the (first) closing on December 11th, 2018 of its 6th Venture Capital Fund; The Dutch Security TechFund. This fund is Europe’s number 1 Cybersecurity fund for startups and scale ups and will be at the heart of Europe’s strongest eco-system.


HSD Partnership

The reason why TIIN Capital joins HSD as Premium Partner is in line with the launch of the new fund. The fund, also initiated by HSD, is a gateway to capital for early stage companies and scale ups, active in Cybersecurity and IoT Security solutions. The fund also gives support, network and coaching to these companies. HSD is in the center of Cybertech and the fund expects leads to promising ventures, knowledge support and cooperation with other Premium Partners such as corporates.


Dutch Security TechFund is not only unique by its focus, but also because of the cooperation with HSD, alongside involved investors such as InnovationQuarter and business partner KPN Ventures. “Our contacts and network in the Dutch cybertech community are really impressive. Part of this is HSD. We also have a gateway to investors and the eco-system in the Cybertech hub of Tel Aviv. This unique network makes knowledge and capital available to the fund and its portfolio companies”, says Michael Lucassen, managing partner at TIIN Capital.  He adds: “In addition, angel investors from our own network will provide coaching or support to entrepreneurs when necessary. An Advisory Board is in place with Cyber specialists on board'.


Boosting activities and businesses

In relation to security the fund supplies (growth) capital to startups and scale ups. By actively supporting portfolio companies with go-to-market strategy, organization, introductions etc. “We boost activities and businesses!” The fund works together with seasoned entrepreneurs, amongst others in the field of cybersecurity, who will support start- and scale ups building their businesses and give them access to markets.


“The fund is supported by the Hague Security Delta (HSD) and some of the largest corporates and government organizations in the Netherlands.  By being part of HSD, we expect input, support, deal flow and knowledge from this cluster. A strong network in cybersecurity will leverage Dutch Security TechFund and cyber startups and scale ups to find the right partners, talent and customers. This will not only help the fund to become successful, but it will also bring Cybertech in the Netherlands to a next level.”



The challenges TIIN Capital sees in the security domain are amongst others:  Human vs Technology, thelevel of understanding the new technologies for private persons as well as corporate and governmental organizations. Furthermore creating awareness to corporates and SME’s to get Cybersecurity on the same level as any other business critical capability. On a global level cybersecurity is a ‘topic’. It is important to understand developments in other parts of the world.


Path to success

Dutch Security TechFund is eager to find and scout start- and scale-ups that have the right people on board, the right product (which solves a cybersecurity problem) and the right process and strategy of becoming successful. The fund wants to select innovators and entrepreneurs with vision, passion and a brilliant solution. From the side of the managers of the fund a portfolio company may expect fully commitment and support in order to become successful. Each company will have its own, unique path to success and therefore the fund management’s support will be ‘tailor made’ each time.

Dutch Security TechFund wants to work closely together with corporates and governmental institutes, as business partner or as investor in the fund.

The fund’s eco-system consists of corporates, governmental bodies, regional investment companies, angel investors and industry experts.


Also read the article of the first investment of The Dutch Security Tech Fund beginning of this year.

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