DataExpert Announces Partnerships with Cyberbit and Berkeley Varitronics Systems

01 jan 2019
Auteur: DataExpert

In December, HSD partner DataExpert, an European cybercrime prevention and cybersecurity company, and Cyberbit Ltd., a world leading provider of cybersecurity simulation and IT/OT detection and response platforms, announced they will join forces to bring the Cyberbit portfolio to the Netherlands to improve the current situation of cybersecurity in the region.

Where DataExpert advises its customers on reducing cyber security risks within critical infrastructures, Cyberbit provides the solutions. Cyberbit’s solutions ensure optimal security of both the IT and OT environment. This enables cyber risks in the critical infrastructure to be detected and mitigated at an early stage. Possible damage is thereby minimized.

"The unique features and proven technology of the Cyberbit products fit perfectly with the vision of DataExpert: to offer the best technologies and knowledge to strive for a secure critical infrastructure and thus a safe society.” says Robbert Bakker, CEO of DataExpert. “Through our years of experience in the detection and fraud world, we know well which challenges organisations have, what improvements are possible and how to realise them. We see Cyberbit as the right partner to further expand our current portfolio of cyber security and data security solutions with specific ICS / SCADA / OT security platforms and SOC training. We look forward to a successful collaboration! "

“DataExpert shares the Cyberbit vision of a three-pronged cybersecurity strategy focused on people, products and procedures.” Explains Yochai Corem, VP EMEA at Cyberbit. “Coupled with their deep knowledge and experience in the ICS/SCADA market, this makes DataExpert a natural fit to bring our solutions to protect critical infrastructure in the Netherlands.


Partnership American Berkeley Varitronics Systems  

As of 1 January 2019, DataExpert also has entered into an agreement with American Berkeley Varitronics Systems, manufacturer of portable detection systems for securing places where the use and/or possession of mobile phones is not permitted. This allows DataExpert to become a supplier of the products of American Berkeley Varitronics Systems in the Benelux.


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The “easy to use” systems can be used in penitentiary institutions and other “critical” buildings. With the systems provided by DataExpert, telephones can be detected regardless whether they are on or off. In addition, DataExpert also supplies equipment to capture signals such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to detect rogue APs, hackers and wireless threats. More information (in Dutch)

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