Opening International Robotics Week: Cross Overs between Unmanned and Security in the Spotlight

19 apr 2017
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 19 April, Arthur de Crook, Managing Director of RoboValley, and Richard Franken, Executive director of HSD, shared the stage to open Europe’s first International Robotics Week, the Robo Business Europe Conference. HSD is proud partner of this event. The conference will take place from 19 to 21 April and is organised by TUSExpo and RoboValley. Richard Franken confirmed the added value of the cooperation between RoboValley and HSD and announced that they will soon sign an Alliance Partnership. This underlines the fact that there are many opportunities for crossovers between the domain of Security and Robotica.



The cooperation of the two National Cluster organisations focusses on sharing knowledge and networks in order to stimulate innovations in the domains of Unmanned and Security. It is important that we seize the opportunities together to offer cross-overs between these sectors. And that the secure use of unmanned systems are a priority.

In the security domain there is an interesting field for application for unmanned systems. Robots can be used to monitor industrial sites in clever ways. Drones can inspect our critical infrastructures, such as dykes to prevent flooding. A development that has already been set in motion. 


Richard Franken: “The developments in digitisation, robotics and unmanned go very fast. This offers many economic opportunities for businesses and benefits to users. It is important that we keep this pace in the development of Digital Security. Security by design is therefore an important precondition. It means that security should already be included in the early design phase."


Europe’s first International Robotics Week

The implementation of robotics is taking off at high speed. In order to help businesses understand what this means TUSExpo and Robovalley organise the first International Robotics Week (IRW). This event unites RoboBusiness Europe, TUS Expo and ROS Industrial Summit, making it one of the largest robotics events in the world. Already since the first edition, HSD is a proud partner of this unique event, with visitors from al over the world. During the conference the future of robotics and drones will be presented.


As part of the TUS Expo and RoboBusiness Europe experience, there will also be a Pitch & Match meeting service freely available for all visitors. The matchmakingtool provided is supported by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). This will help visitors to arrange interesting meetings at the event.



At RoboValley, more than 170 robotics researchers from a multitude of fields collaborate with other experts, entrepreneurs and decision makers in both public and private sectors. As a result, a unique network is thriving, with TU Delft Robotics Institute at its heart. Therefore, RoboValley takes a leading role in the development of the next generation robotics.


Being at the forefront of the development of robotics has several advantages. Besides the economic growth, the most important one is that this new generation of robotics can contribute to addressing major societal problems.


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