From Pitch to Investment of € 5 Million for Robot Robots Company

03 feb 2016
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 3 February, Deputy Mayor Ingrid van Engelshoven of City of The Hague announced the latest investment of InnovationQuarter in Robot Robots Company (RCC) during the HSD Access to Capital Event. The first contacts with RCC were made one year earlier, when CEO Martin Roos pitched his security robot SAM at the first Access to Capital event during the Cyber Security Week 'powered by HSD'. The investment of more than € 5 million by InnovationQuarter, Rabobank Region The Hague, and a consortium of strategic and financial partners in the RRC robotics business makes it possible for RRC to market launch in Europe, and further develop its robots for care and security purposes.


New generation robots
Whereas robots were first used mainly for dull, heavy or dangerous work in factories, the new generation of robots comes into our lives, for example, to help the elderly, or to guard a building. Robot Robots Company (RRC) is a robotics company based in The Hague that focuses on these two areas: care and security. This shows that robots can be more versatile than, for example, applications in smart industry, and that crossovers with other sectors are possible. The wider and smarter use of innovation leads to greater economic efficiency.


Robots for security
Robot Security Systems uses robots for monitoring buildings and premises, is available 24/7, and makes security affordable. The development of SAM - the mobile robot that supervises, detects and communicates - is based on the idea that a robot can support the duties of security guards, receptionists, and mobile surveillance, and support the emergency dispatcher. The Security Robot SAM was one of the five finalists in 2015 Accenture Awards, in the category Safe & Secure Society. In 2013 SAM also received cofinancing from the HSD Development Fund.



Robots for care
Helping the elderly to operate more independently and live a better life was the goal the Serbian businesswoman Maja Rudinac had in mind in the development of LEA (Lean Elderly Assistant), a robot in the form of a walker. With LEA, people can get up, walk, and avoid all the obstacles in their home. Additionally, LEA can help by picking things up, picking up food in the kitchen, waking you up at the right time, and reminding you to take medication.

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Photograhper: Daniel Verkijk

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