Dutch Blockchain Coalition wins Identity Innovation Award 2023

05 dec 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The IDnext conference “The state of Identity” took place in Utrecht on 4 December, an event focused on the balance between enhancing security, protecting privacy and ensuring individual rights. As technology continues to advance and societal attitudes evolve, the landscape of identity will continue to change and adapt.
During the day a mixture of practical demonstrations was given, as well as presentations, panel discussions and breakout sessions with special attention for key challenges, visions and strategies. Subjects included the introduction of digital wallets and how we should look at them, the evolution of passwords, and the intertwining of digital identity with finance.

Identity Innovation Award
At the end of the day the Identity Innovation Award ceremony took place, where the Dutch Blockchain Coalition was presented with an award by the award committee consisting of Parya Lotfi (DuckDuckGoose AI), Julia Janssen (Dutch Data Protection Foundation), Mark Ruijsendaal (Security Delta (HSD)) and Nupur Kohli (UNICEF and Amsterdam Economic Board). 
Annual IDnext is organised by IDnext association in close cooperation with SIDN. For more info on the event and the day's winners, visit the IDnext website.

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