HSD Partners Provide Their Insights to CAI Harderwijk During a Market Consultation Session

28 sept 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

For partners within our ecosystem that want to explore their (cyber)security challenges alongside experts, Security Delta (HSD) offers the possibility of a Market Consultation Session. On 27 September 2023, network provider CAI Harderwijk visited the HSD Campus where 4 HSD partners Audittrail, Chapter8, NFIR and Bizway shared their expertise and solutions related to new threats & risks, incident response(plans), and recovery from both a technical and human/organisational perspective.


About CAI Harderwijk


CAI Harderwijk (founded in 1975) is one of the last independent network administrators in the Netherlands. It was the first provider to open its network to other providers. CAI Harderwijk was presented with unique and comprehensive approaches to its security concerns within the trusted environment of the Market Consultation Sessions with the HSD partner network.


Are you interested in learning more about our Market Consultation Sessions and how HSD can help you? Read more here.


The market consultation sessions aim to contribute to the cyber resilience of organisations in the chain and within sectors and can help organisations with the new security guidelines arising from the NIS2. These sessions are made possible by MRDH, Sectoral Digital Security

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