Cybersecurity Opportunities in Sweden

18 mei 2022
Auteur: HSD Foundation

With the immense growth of the cybersecurity sector in the Netherlands and overall in Europe, Sweden cannot stay behind. Just like other countries in the European Union Sweden faces an increase of potential threats among their businesses and governmental institutions. Therefore, Sweden has upped its cybersecurity efforts as a region-wide initiative to focus more on digital protection. For this reason, the market is now taking off and is posing a lot of opportunities for companies. Security Delta (HSD) is determined to give more insights on these cybersecurity opportunities and how to expand your cybersecurity firm in Sweden.


Growing Demand for Cybersecurity Products and Solutions 

Sweden controls almost 40% of the Nordic IT market, followed by Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Last year it was estimated that the cybersecurity market in Sweden is set to grow by 45% in 2020 to 2024. This also brings an increase in demand for cybersecurity products and solutions in the Scandinavian area such as anti-virus software, biometric technology, intrusion prevention systems and more. 


Software is one of the most significant components for the functioning and competitiveness of Swedish businesses. Around 30% of Swedish businesses have their own software development team and most large companies (49%) produce their own software products. Cloud computing, for example, has become an essential part of promoting digitisation and the implementation of data-driven operations across Sweden. New opportunities emerge as a result of the digitisation process. Companies need guidance in establishing a structure that improves internal operations while also improving client experiences through the use of cloud services.


As a response to this growing demand and the increase in threats, Sweden had implemented a national cybersecurity strategy. Within this strategy, it is also a goal to enhance international cooperation. 


Expand your Cybersecurity Firm to Sweden

There are many opportunities for doing business in Sweden. Due to the comparable business cultures of the Netherlands and Sweden, it is very accessible for Dutch companies. Sweden is a digital leader in innovation with 1) application security, 2) identity and access-based services, 3) situational awareness and system recovery and 4) data cleansing as the four leading fields of expertise. 


If you intend to expand your cybersecurity company or organisation to Sweden, you could reach out to the Regional Business Development Team Nordics-Baltics set up by The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).  This team is focused on many sectors as well as the cybersecurity sector, which is perfect if you are thinking about expanding to Sweden or any other Nordic country. The team investigates market opportunities, maps out local demand, projects and leads and looks for interested companies and knowledge institutions. The team then works out a plan – often in consultation with companies – to capitalise on the opportunities together. 


In addition, Security Delta (HSD) works closely with its partners such as InnovationQuarter in order to obtain market research on Sweden and the Scandinavian area as a whole. Ties with local Dutch representatives, cybersecurity clusters, and economic development agencies offer your company access to a broad network! 


Webinar Cybersecurity Opportunities in Sweden 

Are you interested in broadening your knowledge on solutions for secure digitalisation? And are you curious about the opportunities in the Swedish market in general? Then make sure to attend the webinar on cybersecurity opportunities in Sweden organized by Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)InnovationQuarter (IQ), the Dutch embassy in Sweden and Security Delta (HSD) on the 24th of May. 


During this webinar the Swedish consulting firm Radar Ecosystem who maps the IT market in Sweden annually, will exclusively present the most recent developments in the field of cybersecurity. In the second part of the information session, you will be able to discuss directly with local experts whether your solution fits the Swedish cyber market. 


More information on this webinar can be found here, or can be obtained by contacting our innovation liaison Joeri Glastra at


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