Webinar on the cybersecurity opportunities in Sweden

24 May 2022
10:00h - 11:30h
Organised by:
InnovationQuarter, de Nederlandse Ambassade in Zweden, RVO, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken en HSD

Do you offer solutions for secure digitalisation and do you want to know more about your opportunities in the Swedish market? Then join the webinar on cybersecurity in Sweden organised by Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), InnovationQuarter, Security Delta (HSD) and the Dutch embassy in Sweden on the 24th of May. 


The Swedish consulting firm Radar Ecosystem annually maps the IT market in Sweden and will exclusively present the most recent developments in the field of cyber security this morning. 


In the second part of the information session, you will be able to discuss directly with local experts whether your solution fits the Swedish cyber market. The webinar is also a survey of interest for participation in an IT security conference and working visit to Stockholm in November to follow up on the insights gained.


About Sweden


Sweden is among the world leading countries in digital skills. When it comes to cybersecurity, however, the ranking is modest. There is a discrepancy between the pace of digitalisation of Swedish society and cybersecurity. Especially SMEs - accounting for 60% of turnover in Swedish business - and (smaller) public sector organisations have fallen behind and need better conditions to digitise their activities in a secure way.


In the EU Digital Economy & Society index, which measures both the digital skills and knowledge of the population and the level of digital accessibility and connectivity, Sweden is in the top three, together with Denmark and Finland. The network readiness index, which ranks the world's economies by digital maturity, places Sweden at number two. But when it comes to cybersecurity, the situation is different: according to the Global Cybersecurity Index, Sweden ranks 26th worldwide. Even within Europe, Sweden only ranks 15th.


Moreover, the concept of security gains new urgency at a time of intense geopolitical turmoil. Sweden is an attractive target for foreign powers and the threat will only increase and the targets are not only military. Commercial activities, technological development and research are also targets. So the overall need for cybersecurity knowledge, skills and implementation is huge. On 24 May, we will elaborate on what exactly this means for opportunities on the Swedish market for Dutch cyber experts.


Preliminary programme


10:00 Welcome & introduction by representatives of HSD, IQ and the Dutch Embassy

10:05 Market presentation - trends & developments, local players

10:35 Information about the Radar IT Summit on 10 November in Stockholm

10:40 Two experts with experience on the Swedish market introduce themselves and give their tips for market entry

10:55 Room for questions and business pitches in an open dialogue with the speakers

11:25 Inventory of interest in visiting Sweden in November

11:30 End of session



  • Joeri Glastra, Innovation Liason at Security Delta
  • Martine Koole, Project Manager Internationalisation at InnovationQuarter
  • Sigrid Westman, Trade & Innovation Officer at the Dutch Embassy in Stockholm
  • Hans Werner, CEO of the Swedish IT Business Intelligence & Analytics company Radar Ecosystem. His company advises both suppliers and buyers of IT in Sweden.
  • Thomas Vasen, Head of SASE solutions at Clavister. Clavister secures public sector, defence, corporate and telecom network operators around the world with identity and network security. Their suite of solutions includes Network Security, Next Generation Firewalls, Virtual Security Gateways, VPN, Security as a Service and Advanced Threat Protection.


The webinar will be held in English.


General information

Do you want to do business in Sweden? Get to know the market; how does exporting to Sweden work and how do you find a reliable business partner? RVO, HSD and InnovationQuarter help you with your international ambitions. Do you need local business help? Then the embassy in Stockholm is ready for you. For more information about doing business we refer you to the Zweden Landenpagina.

Specifically looking for help with internationalising within the cyber sector, please contact Joeri Glastra (joeri.glastra@securitydelta.nl) or Martine Koole (martine.koole@innovationquarter.nl).

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