2PS-Project Looking for Chat Applications to Help Protect Children from Abuse

25 jan 2024
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The EU funded project Prevent and Protect Through Support (2PS) is looking for a chat application for the StepToSupport Platform. 2PS is a three-year initiative that brings prevention at the forefront and aims to prevent harm to children before it occurs, particularly in online environments. The StepToSupport Platform will provide information and resources to individuals concerned about the thoughts, feelings and behaviours concerning children. The chat application will help complete the platform, ensuring that the 2PS Project can remain secure whilst maintaining a user-friendly solution. 


The 2PS project aims to offer an essential paradigm shift towards a better understanding of what leads to harmful behaviour. By informing and educating people who fear they might offend against children about the services and rehabilitation options they have, 2PS aims to enhance the efficacy of prevention. The StepToSupport Platform encourages individuals who are concerned about their thoughts concerning children, to seek help and protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation. To complete this platform, 2PS is looking for APIs or commercial solutions that offer the following:


·      End-to-end encryption on chat between operator and user

·      1-1 conversations between operator and users

·      Anonymous login (even with autogenerated token through software code, no email address required from chat participants)

·      Ability to integrate seamlessly in a Wordpress website 

·      Compliance with security ISOs (ISO 27001, GDPR).

·      100% ownership in the chat traffic and the chat logs (no externals have access to logs)

·      Ability to remove/change logos, colours, backgrounds etc

·      Ability to have the privacy page visible, or in the home page of the chat

·      Users have no access in viewing/contacting other users

·      No file or image sharing

·      Users cannot edit their profile (e.g put sensitive information in bio)

·      Users cannot upload attachments like image or audio or files in general

·      Users cannot start a video call with operators

·      (Optional) 2FA Authentication for operator log in

·      (Optional) Monitor user typing

·      (Optional) Emoticons

·      (Optional) Interaction or ‘Waiting Room’ While Waiting

·      (Optional) Ability for user to delete previous chat history 


For more information on the chat application requirements click here, or visit the 2PS Project website for more info.


Photo: Istock.com/Tero Vesalainen


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