WTHX think-tank/hackathon

24 september 2015
Scheveningen Pier

On Thursday 24th of September professionals from the worlds of peace, justice and security come together with creatives, coders, techies, designers, artists and philosophers at the second edition of WTHX. In small multidisciplinary teams, a selective group of 100+ thinkers and makers from various national and international backgrounds will join for a 12 hour rollercoaster ride of ideation and co-creation. Using serendipity to delve into issues dealing with peace, justice, security and the impact of technology and (re-)formulate questions and prototype potential solutions for tomorrow's issues. To feed the brain a programme of expert guest speakers will share knowledge, insights and inspiration. Tickets are € 30 including drinks, lunch and dinner.

During the hackathon, participants can attend various talkshows. The following speakers have as yet been confirmed:

Andrew Stroehlein (European Media Director of Human Rights Watch)
Pim Takkenberg (Director Cyber Security at Northwave and Business Director Cyber Security & Resilience at TNO)
Roland van Rijswijk ((Researcher and Innovator in Internet Security at SURFNet and Ph.D. Candidate at University of Twente)
Victor Gevers (senior security specialist working as a security architect/analyst for the Dutch Government)
Constant Dullaart (conceptual artist)
Yoni van den Eede (philosopher of technology and media)
Martijn Engelbregt (researcher, procedural artist)
Stan Bentvelsen (director of Nikhef and member of CERN)