Will Quantum Technology Change the world? - CyNation Thought Leadership Series

18 januari 2017
18:30u - 21:30u

How Quantum Technology will transform Financial, Telecommunications and Cyber Security sectors 

“Quantum technologies will lead to major advances in precision timing, sensors and computation, destined to have a major impact on the finance, defence, aerospace, energy, infrastructure and telecommunications sectors.” (The National Strategy for Quantum Technologies).

Nothing is worse in an increasingly technology driven and dependent economy than missing a paradigm shift! The next one will be quantum technology enabled.
Quantum Technology with its unique nature and exponentially higher speed will bring disruption across virtually every industry.
While the arrival of this new technology will bring along major opportunities, it is critical to also be aware of its risks and start a cross-sector dialogue already today.
This first event of the CyNation Thought Leadership Series 2017 will feature an outstanding panel including Andrew Lord, BT; Kelly Richdale, ID Quantique; Prof. Keith Martin, Royal Holloway, University of London, and Richard Murray, Innovate UK.

Additionally, leading quantum technology companies Quantum Base, QxBranch and D-Wave Systems will present their latest innovation in the world of Quantum Computing, Quantum Financial Modelling, Quantum Security and Quantum Software.

Quantum technology is a new world of its own. Join us for this exciting event.

Note: This event is by personal invite only. Places are limited, so please register in advance to avoid disappointment.

5.45pm - Registration opens. Coffee & Tea
6.30pm - Welcome & Setting the Scene
6.40pm - Quantum Technology Landscape. Company Presentations
7.15pm - Panel Discussion: Is the World Ready for Quantum?
8.15pm - Networking Reception
9.45pm - Close

Have a further read how different industries will be impacted by Quantum Technology
In the financial sector, quantum technology will help to develop highly accurate financial models and improve predictions and forecasting of major financial events (e.g. money laundering, regulatory fraud, market crashes). Stock exchanges will be able to leverage quantum for algorithmic trading optimisation by processing large numbers of variables at a high speed, leading to more informed trading decisions and driving higher profits.
Some telecommunication companies have already successfully applied quantum technology to achieve the speed-of-light data travel, contributing to making our Internet of Things world a flawless environment, in which communication flows such as between devices, autonomous vehicles and humans will be intelligent, smooth and fast.
However, as one would expect with such exciting benefits ahead, quantum technology has the potential to undermine the security of conventional technologies and existing security mechanisms we use to protect and store data. For example, cryptokeys, commonly used by the majority of organisations, will become obsolete and will have to be replaced by something better. As all this poses a huge risk to our businesses, critical national infrastructure and national security, we have to start thinking seriously about risk mitigation in this new quantum powered world.