Webinar: (Targeted) Ransomware

24 november 2020
15:00u - 16:00u

Every company needs to ensure that their digital security is in order. Cyber criminals these days specifically target their victims and use increasingly advanced methods, which forces us to stay a few steps ahead to prevent a cyber incident from happening. But what learnings do we gain from ransomware incidents? And which precautionary actions can we take to mitigate the risk of cyber incidents?

During this webinar Michael Sandee (Security Analyst, Fox-IT Threat Intelligence) takes you behind the screens of the InTELL team and their research on ransomware, like WastedLocker and Ryuk, and which relevant and different types of IOC’s they find.

Based on these cases, Floris Ladan (Splunk) shows you how to detect ransomware in a Splunk SIEM, based on both familiar and unfamiliar IOC’s.

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