Webinar: Shifting Left: How to Develop Software Securely? S-SDLC Explained

11 februari 2021
11:00u - 11:45u
Secura B.V.

Building software can be challenging. Getting your software out the door quickly, while it's usable and at the same time ensuring quality and performance, puts pressure on software development teams. The growing need for secure software products over the last years does not make this easier.

A well-organized development process is key to keeping the software you deliver aligned to your business needs, and security needs to be part of that.

In this webinar we will look at the benefits of 'shifting left': dealing with security earlier in the process. We discuss how the OWASP software architecture maturity mode (SAMM) can help to determine what to do first, and we will see how threat modeling can help to make security a more measurable and testable part within the development life-cycle. We will leave you with some tips to get started.

• Software Developers
• Software Architects
• Product Owners
• Product Testers

Building software is a true team effort and requires different roles. Whether you are involved in building software as a developer, architect, product owner, tester, scrum master or otherwise, we are all part of the same process.

If you are part of a software development team, or interested in building software securely, this webinar is for you. We will not dive into application code or explain vulnerabilities here, but focus on the process and the activities of secure software development.

1. The benefits of shifting left
2. OWASP SAMM – An overview and quick wins
3. Threat modeling & ASVS to make security more actionable
4. How to get started
5. Q&A

For questions, please contact marketing@secura.com.

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