[Webinar] "OT Security Risks: Remote Access & Maintenance"

29 oktober 2020
11:00u - 11:45u
Trinity DS & Secura

Technology has made remote access to control systems very easy. Most OT networks nowadays allow remote access for update and maintenance purposes. As cyberattacks on ICS and SCADA systems can lead to catastrophic consequences impacting the safety, availability and reliability of workers, operations and value chains, it is critical to protect these systems and networks from threats. Especially now, when working remotely has become the norm during Corona times.

Remote access is a sensitive topic and has not always been organized properly. In this co-hosted webinar by Trinity Digital Security and Secura, our OT security experts will address common pitfalls, lessons learned from previous case studies and recommendations to create secure OT environments.


1. Introduction
2. How (not) to implement remote access to the OT network?
3. How to organise secure access at the soft side; engaging with OT staff?
4. Risks in OT security
5. OT cybersecurity & IIoT: new patch into an old garment?
6. Q&A

For questions, please contact: contactus@trinity-ds.com or info@secura.com.

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