Threat Modeling Webinar: find problems when there's time to fix them

12 september 2019
11:00u - 12:00u

Applications and systems are commonly part of a chain of information-processing systems. When securing an application, system or the complete chain, it is important to know from which perspective threats arise and how a system can be attacked. Threat modeling can be incredibly valuable and cost-effective in this process, as it provides a method to structurally map the attack surface of an environment and to identify which threats are applicable. 

In this part of our webinar series the basics of threat modeling will be explained. We will guide you through the concepts of the Microsoft threat modeling methodology. To show how threat modeling can be used in real life, we will analyse a real life scenario in which multiple threats were abused to form one of the biggest data leaks of the recent years. 

In this webinar, we will try to give you the knowledge required to get started with threat modeling exercises in real life, based on years of leading and performing threat modeling exercises at Secura's customers.

  • Learn to map the attack surface of applications using threat modeling data flow diagrams (DFD)
  • Learn to structurally identify threats using Microsoft’s STRIDE approach
  • Learn about tools that can assist you to perform threat modeling exercises
  • Get tips and tricks to get started in real life


Who should attend?

This webinar is suitable for: Security architects and engineers, software engineers and technical staff involved in security management.


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